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When all the cooking is finished, everyone will sit down to enjoy the meal together.) is a novel by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, written in the Soviet Union between 19 during Stalin's regime.A censored version was published in Moscow magazine in 1966–1967, after the writer's death.The manuscript was not published as a book until 1967, in Paris.A samizdat version circulated that included parts cut out by official censors, and these were incorporated in a 1969 version published in Frankfurt.

This version remained the canonical edition until 1989.

In the Soviet Union, the novel was first published in book form in Estonian in 1968 with some passages edited out.

The first complete version, prepared by Anna Sahakyants, was published in Russian by Khudozhestvennaya Literatura in 1973.

Her punishment was to wake each morning and find the same handkerchief by which she had killed the child lying on her nightstand.

Satan grants her first wish and offers her another, saying that Margarita's first wish was unrelated to her own desires.

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Many critics consider it to be one of the best novels of the 20th century, as well as the foremost of Soviet satires. He started writing the novel in 1928, but burned the first manuscript in 1930, as he could not see a future as a writer in the Soviet Union at a time of widespread political repression. In the early 1920s Bulgakov had visited an editorial meeting of an atheistic-propaganda journal.

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