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This caused her to break down so much, she was almost willing to let Giriko sexually assault her and was initially unwilling to help Soul fight the adversary until she came to her senses.

She also can be said to have temper issues, occasionally striking out those who annoy her with her Maka Chop and is not above striking her teachers such as Sid Barrett.

Out of all the main protagonists, she is seen mostly as the most "normal" of the cast.

It's been stated by multiple people like her own father that many of her good qualities come from her mother and even possess a mindset in which once she starts, barely anything stops her.

Maka's surname, Albarn, may be an allusion to Damon Albarn, a musician of the British group Blur and co-creator of the virtual band Gorillaz, including the singing voice for Gorillaz's lead singer 2D.

This is one of many musical allusions that Atsushi Ohkubo includes in the manga.

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Her pigtails are fashioned using skull hairbands similar to Shinigami's mask. Maka's soul, when viewed by Stein, has an orange-like colour and has her signature pigtails.

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