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They’re not as jaded as most older men, so they are still idealistic when it comes to love and romance Of course we can’t forget that they look great, are in shape, have stamina and endurance.Finally, they have little to no baggage – they generally don’t have an ex wife they are paying alimony to, kids they see every other weekend or major health issues. I believe it’s best to let the man make the first contact after a date.The free, 60-minute teleseminar will cover: How to approach-impress and attract an older woman What a Cub should never say to a Cougar when contacting her online.How to appear confident and mature How to know if she's interested How to ask her out Where to go on the first date Lucia "Queen of the Cougar Jungle" (KTLA TV) is the author of "Lucia's Lessons of Love" and host of "The Art of Love" on LA Talk Radio.

: The #1 reason younger men are attracted to older women is because of their confidence.

: The ladies need to remember that a younger man is dating them because of their age, not despite their age.

Some of them are not even interested in dating a woman unless she’s over 40!

They know what they want and aren’t afraid to say it. She’s comfortable with her body, knows what she’s doing and is willing to experiment.

They generally don’t play games and there is little to no drama. Older women prefer younger men because they grew up in a generation where they see a woman as an equal and not as someone they need to dominate and control.

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