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Move up to increase the music’s intensity increases and move right to adjust variation.

You can perform rehearsals using the viewfinder or with an existing video loaded from your Camera Roll.

To that end, it eschews convention (widescreen, standard titles, typical editing tracks) and attempts to infuse plenty of fun into a streamlined, straightforward editing process.Whatever you create can be exported to Photos as a video (sadly, there’s no animated GIF option), but there’s plenty more you can add first, including camera wobble, overlay effects and automated moving skies.Some of those features work better than others, but the entire package is a great way to bring your photos to life. You've got to sift through them to work out the very best.Click through to the following pages for each category, but first check out our free i Phone app of the week below, and make sure you give this page a cheeky bookmark so you can keep up with our latest free i Phone app pick every seven days. More specifically, it’s made to help you list amazing media you’d like to check out, and then keep track of it. You make lists, and then populate them with movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, books, and video games. Sofa is about saving you time, and won’t suck you into an unnecessary social network. For screen-based and audio entertainment, though, it works like a charm, whether you’re adding top-notch TV masterpieces or a selection of classic games you’ve always wanted to play.

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