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However a source told People magazine at the time: “She likes him. Lindsay has since said she didn’t think the pair were ever right for each other, although they were deeply in love. That’s how it started so I think that’s how it was meant to be.” In 2014, In Touch magazine got its hands on a list Lindsay had reportedly written of all her famous male conquests.In 2012, Lindsay told the Mail Online: “Two toxic people cannot be together. Names to appear on the piece of paper included actors Zac Efron, James Franco and Joaquin Phoenix as well as singer Justin Timberlake.

George Best’s son has been very open about his troubled years following the sudden death of his football hero dad.Yeah." didnt they like break up and then linsey threatend to kill herself? may check for free Lindsay Lohan videos on TMZ's website, You Tube.Carefully - it shouldn't be that way, but it is the case that many people are scared by same-sex relationships.You could try and see if she might feel the same way, first.

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