Lesbain dating sims games online elle mcpherson dating

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Lesbain dating sims games online

It’s a choice-based HTML game written in the dendry language, with a lot of elements that might be familiar from choicescript.It’s a slice-of-life story with a realistic, modern high school setting, heavily influenced by Chinese-American culture.Also, there’s a non-canonical short side story here, if anyone’s interested.It was originally going to be part of the main game, and shares the main characters, before I changed the engine and the timeline.You’re not ready, not even close, but you don’t have a choice. Maybe it’s the one opportunity to create a hook for your college applications.Maybe you can reinvent yourself, become the metaphorical butterfly breaking out of its cocoon or something like that.Or maybe you can find true love (or some approximation thereof).

Pageant is an interactive fiction story with dating sim and time management elements, featuring a lesbian protagonist.There are several main groups of activities: pageant prep, research, science olympiad, family dinner, and the various social activities.This allows the player to choose where Karen focuses her attention: does she try hard for the pageant or work on science-related extracurriculars?doesn’t do it, even if she knows it’s good for her.The main form of interaction in the story is in the choice of activities.

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Emily Short’s Bee was the main inspiration for my design (and honestly if you’ve played Bee then my game will look like a total ripoff lol). I am, however, left wondering as to what the name of the pageant is and what is the prize. Does Miss Choice earn $5000 in scholarship money which can only apply to her school funds? Oh, and most pageants do have practices that you are supposed to attend with your fellow contestants where they coach you on how to write your platform, practice interview questions, learn walking patterns for evening gown and swimsuit/fitness routine, etc.