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Land registry updating registered owners

Since most of Ireland gained independence in 1922, the registries have dealt with the land in the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland (formerly the Irish Free State, 1922–37) only, the registers of land in Northern Ireland now being administered by the Land and Property Services in the Northern Ireland Department of Finance and Personnel.

Recording of title under recent legislative changes is now compulsory.

Public access to the index and folios is limited to individuals who have an account with the Property Registration Authority.

The Property Registration Authority in Ireland is connected to the European Land Information Service EULIS.

Original deeds and their schedules were not retained by the registry, but rather detailed summaries (called "memorials") of conveyancing and mortgage documents are stamped and filed by the registrar.

These documents are generally signed by at least one of the parties and one of the witnesses of the deeds.

In 2015, the State Duma has been registered a bill that covers public access to information about the owners of the property A national system of land registration was first attempted in England and Wales under the Land Registration Act 1862, a register having operated for the county of Middlesex (excluding the City of London) since 1709. Over time various areas of the country were designated areas of compulsory registration by order so in different parts of the country compulsory registration has been around longer than in others.It has responsibility for the registration of owners corporations under the Building Management Ordinance.Land registration is compulsory across all of Ireland, and two parallel registries are maintained: the Land Registry (Clárlann na Talún in Irish) and the Registry of Deeds (Clárlann na n Gníomhas).Recording of title under the Act was voluntary and this was one of the reasons why the Act proved ineffective.The Land Registry has been dealing with the registration of all transactions (purchase, sale, mortgage, remortgage and other burdens) concerning registered land since 1892, and issued land certificates which are a state guarantee of the registered owner's good title up to 1 January 2007.

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The last order was made in 1990, so now virtually all transactions in land result in compulsory registration.

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