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Details View Update Event Args) Handles dv Item Detail. Instead, you need to first retrieve a reference to the Text Box within the Cell, and then you can extract the Text property from there.

When a data source control that supports updating is bound to a Details View control, the Details View control can take advantage of the data source control's capabilities and provide automatic updating functionality.

Before diving into details of Info Path forms deployment here's a little bit of background on workflow and Info Path forms integration.

Typical Share Point workflows goes through different stages - association, initiation, task completion.

The formatting is then programmatically removed before the value is updated in the data source.

Data-bound controls (such as Details View, Form View, and Grid View) have different display modes that allow the user to read, edit, or insert records.

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Gets or sets a value indicating whether the formatting string specified by the Data Format String property is applied to field values when the data-bound control that contains the Bound Field object is in edit mode.

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