Is the nostalgia chick dating todd dating wtih terminal disease

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Is the nostalgia chick dating todd

Prior to her marriage, she was in a relationship and unlike her spouse, Lindsay's ex-boyfriend's identity is revealed.

He is none other than Ellis' fellow reviewer Todd Nathanson, better known as Is Lindsay Ellis Married? She exchanged vows in June 2018 at a private wedding. The identity of Lindsay Ellis' husband is kept secret, she often mentions her husband on Twitter.

In addition, he occasionally reviews music-related movies.

In his videos, he plays the piano (having spent eleven years playing piano) and he wears a gray hoodie in order to keep his true identity secret.

Lindsay Ellis, an American media and film critic, is also a You Tube content creator and videographer with over 544K subscribers on her self-titled channel.

These days, apart from her critics, the 34-year-old media sensation has many gravitate towards her, all with questions and curiosities regarding her secret marriage.

is an American online media production company based in Lombard, Illinois.

The company was created in 2008 by Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, and Bhargav Dronamraju.

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Todd In The Shadows has been a blogger on and musical talent on Youtube until 2010.

He was a fan of the site for a long time before deciding to become part of the Channel Awesome family.

Well, Ellis is now a married woman but unlike her transparent professional career, her love life turns out quite hazy.

Soon after her marriage report landed in the mid-2018, fans are craving to know the detail of Lindsay's married life, husband, & relationship. To tease the curiosity of fans is the trend-turned-tradition for many celebrities over the years and it seems, Lindsay is no exception.

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He then started filming his reviews and posting them as blogs on TGWTG under the name "MBI"; two early reviews were chosen as Awesome Blogs of the Week, which greatly increased his popularity on Youtube.