Irish speed dating

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Irish speed dating

They're a sign of being 'mothered' too much and are far from desirable.

Specialised dating sites and events are becoming more and more popular, as Deirdre Reynolds discovered when she signed up for Ireland’s first ever ‘speed dating cycle’.

Happily, I still had “If you were my boyfriend, I promise I’d never tyre of you”, tucked up my jersey sleeve for later on.

Despite the thousands of tourists (Yanks) flocking to the Emerald Isle each year to find their own personal Colin Farrells or Laura Whitmores, us Irish folk aren’t really that blessed in the whole ‘dating’ (nee. Pity about us, we take the long boreen around, as opposed to the main road.

While us Irish do love filling our stereotype, this one truly kicks us right in the kisser. We get so excited at the prospect of finding a mate, that we down absolutely everything in sight. Feelings in Irish society are deemed as pretentious as notions and as alien as self-esteem. Whereas the rest of the world can bask in their black-and-white decision making glory, God bless us, we're a little on the grey side.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that ‘velo’ is an anagram of ‘love’ to begin with.

“Škoda have been doing cycling events now for seven years,” tells Ray Leddy, head of marketing at Škoda Ireland.“Over the years, we know of at least six marriages that have occurred as a result of people actually attending our events and coming for a drink afterwards.“So we thought why not just do a special event that revolves around cycling and brings single people together.“We weren’t actually trying to bring single people together before and we got six marriages out of it – what could happen if we tried?

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Pucker up to your fellow redzers upstairs in the Oar Bar, on Saturday night from 7.30pm.

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