Intimidating movie lines

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Intimidating movie lines

--Bret Fetzer Ray Wilkins: I want you to talk dirty to me. Brenda Meeks: I'm going to piss on your face, fart in your mouth, and shit all over these walls. Father Mc Feely: Yes, sometimes you have to give them candy, first. As in Scary Movie, the strongest humor comes from making fun of the inane behavior of characters in horror movies. Assisting Shawn and Marlon Wayans are Anna Faris, Kathleen Robertson (in the Carmen Electra role, providing the T&A), and David Cross, as well as Tori Spelling, Chris Elliott, James Woods (as an exorcist with bowel trouble), Andy Richter, and poor Tim Curry, who probably never thought his career would come to this. Doing so would definitely make your front porch stand out from the rest of the neighborhood—and maybe startle trick-or-treaters just a little bit!

He remains totally in control of the situation as he calmly helps Dewey realize that he does not want this situation to escalate any further.He is good at his job, but he is also impatient and uninterested in playing by the rules.Raylan isn't the kind of person who is keen on talking things through.That one question puts enough doubt in Dewey's mind about his own survival.Part of what makes Raylan such an interesting character is that he is an incredibly angry man and someone who maybe shouldn't be wearing a lawman's badge.

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Raylan gives one of the men a warning, " Though Raylan comes up against a number of formidable villains throughout the series, he also runs into a lot of really dumb criminals.