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They are likely to launch many new dating apps with more useful and cooler features.Young entrepreneurs have turned love into a source of income and they are earning a wholesome amount every month by matching single people for dates.

We just need to develop a stable and aesthetic app and market it properly.

But, Tinder has to make money, so how does it make money from the free users?

Well, Tinder free version comes with in-app ads, and make money by advertising.

From the Tinder statistics, we know that Tinder attracts a lot of users, but what is the Tinder Business Model? So, to answer that question, Tinder follows a freemium-based model to earn revenue. One is a free version and another is a premium version.

The free version offers almost all features of the app, and most users use the free model.

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Dating app trends are there in the market and people no longer depend on their friends and their friends-of-friends for hooking-up. Now, let’s have a look at some statistics about online dating.

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