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The original Canal Street building was razed when the railroad was built through Shelton in 1888.

Thus, as a rule of thumb, items with the Derby Silver Company logo most likely date from the nineteenth century, while items with the International Silver Company logo, either Derby or Factory B, are from the twentieth.

Newspapers arent much help, the Derby Transcript often gave detailed, glowing accounts of the workings of the factories without referring much to the people inside. By law, Smith was eligible to work in Sheltons factories providing he had parental permission.

The Evening Sentinel offered better glimpses of factory life, but because many of the descriptions came during times of labor unrest it wasnt exactly the best time to report on day to day activities inside the factories. Since his uncle, Watson Miller, helped found the Derby Silver Company in 1872, and his father served as the factorys manager, Smith naturally gravitated to this plant on the corner of Bridge and Canal Streets.

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The Derby Silver Company was founded in 1872, and began operations on Shelton's Canal Street one year later.

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Smith would later write a book entitled Autobiography of a Connecticut Yankee, in which he would detail his experiences working in the Derby Silver Company.

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