Income and its effects on datingdomestic violence

Posted by / 12-Feb-2020 06:28

Poor people might rebel because the country as a whole is mired in poverty, or because there is no hope for improvement, but they do not appear to fight because some people have a lot and many have nothing at all.A better answer to the puzzle may have something to do with law enforcement and how it is allocated in highly unequal societies.Abusive partners may deliberately sabotage women's efforts to find and sustain work.There are contradictory findings regarding whether employment has protective effects for women or whether it precipitates or aggravates DV.The current economic recession may limit the ability of concerned family members and friends to assist DV survivors, resulting in increased strain on battered women's and homeless shelters and the potential for more DV survivors and their children to experience homelessness.

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Studies suggest that it is important to examine partners' relative employment status, rather than simply the employment status of the female partner, as well as norms of male dominance, in order to understand the complex relationship between employment and DV. Studies also show that social support networks may influence DV perpetration and victimization.

Women DV survivors typically turn to family and friends for emotional and tangible support, such as temporary housing.

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At the same time, available research indicates that DV may also produce financial hardship for DV victims.