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He moved his mangled fist through the air like that ‘J’ floating into place, a hook to hang the story on now that the clouds were gone. The letters of the headline were deep black and even: “GUNMAN TERRORIZES CHURCH: She-Male Intruder Reportedly Calls Americans ‘Killers.'” There was no picture. Buddy heard later from the police that the devil wasn’t a man at all, and not really a woman either.The advertised “miracle” was actually just photographs of that divine skywriting, on sale in the white shack for 0 each. “He got all the parts, y’see,” Buddy told us one afternoon in the print shop he owned on the main street of town. Reached in and tried to draw up a breast full and soft as a woman’s.No one in the church had ever seen anything like it, but Buddy wasn’t surprised. “Look it up, it’s in the book.” That’s how we’d found him.With a list of names gathered from the Henderson Daily Dispatch we’d bought from the miracle man, we’d rifled through the Vance County directory looking for the numbers of anyone involved in an incident local reporters were calling the country’s “latest act of terrorism.” “This is spiritual war,” Buddy told us.

Y los gitanos del agualevantan por distraerse,glorietas de caracolas yramas de pino verde. Al verla se ha levantadoel viento que nunca duerme. Cantan las flautas de umbríay el liso gong de la nieve.¡Preciosa, corre, Preciosa,que te coge el viento verde! Preciosa, llena de miedo,entra en la casa que tiene,más arriba de los pinos,el cónsul de los ingleses.San Cristobalón desnudo,lleno de lenguas celestes,mira a la niña tocandouna dulce gaita ausente. Abre en mis dedos antiguosla rosa azul de tu vientre. El viento-hombrón la persiguecon una espada caliente. Asustados por los gritostres carabineros vienen,sus negras capas ceñidasy los gorros en las sienes.El inglés da a la gitanaun vaso de tibia leche,y una copa de ginebraque Preciosa no se bebe.Out came the story of Joshua: He who won the Promised Land by killing everyone in it.When Buddy was done the devil was nowhere to be seen, but Buddy had found the message that would build Trinity Full Gospel Church.

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And the gypsies of the waterbuild, to amuse themselves,bowers, out of snailsand twigs of green pine. Seeing her, the wind rises,the one that never sleeps. Preciosa, full of fear,way beyond the pines,enters the house that belongs,to the English Consul.

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