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Ellie-May, from Hertfordshire, who admits to getting called "pikey" at school for being a traveller, hopes her sequin-tastic act is enough to fend off her non-Gypsy competitors.

The Channel 5 documentary series follows the lives of children who grow up knowing the freedom - and the conflict - that comes with being part of the gypsy and traveller community around the UK.

Channel 5's Gypsy Kids: Our Secret World delves into what daily life is like for gypsy children.

This week's show focused on David, a 15-year-old who was forced out of school four years ago after getting beaten up by other students.

"The judges are very impressed by eye-contact – if you look away from them they’ll score you down for that.

“If the judges like it you get crowns.” But will her energetic, cheeky routine be enough to clinch the coveted title?

As Dee Dee builds a friendship with Sevigny’s character, Mel, Gypsy Rose’s social circle expands too.

She befriends Mel’s daughter, Lacey, and also strikes up an illicit online relationship with Godejohn, sneaking out of her room to chat with him late at night.

Gypsy Kids: Our Secret World airs at 9pm on Channel 5 tonight.“I’m one of the best pageant girls, people say,” she explained.“Normally I would get into the top five." When she's at pageants, Ellie-May doesn't tell people that she's a traveller, claiming they "wouldn’t understand".Jerry reckons the youngster's travelling heritage gives her an added edge, claiming she has a "sassiness" that the other girls don't.Speaking about her routine, during which she gyrates to Usher's track Yeah, Ellie-Mae explains: "I want to look fabulous when I’m on stage.

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A shocking photo highlighted the affects of the attack, which left the secondary school's face bloodied and bruised.

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