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California is made up of 5.3 percent LGBTQ people compared to 2.9 percent in Montana.The going theory isn’t that California births more queer babies but that the queer people who grow up in Montana eventually move to Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, or another city where they feel safer and part of a bigger queer community.As far as I know, there were only five queer women in Apache when I was in high school: me, Bethany, Heather*, Jana*, and Julie* — and only three of us were out.

In many cruising areas there are malicious people who take the opportunity to steal valuables.Two years later, I had my first crush on a woman, Bethany*, the star of the high school drama club.In 2009, I left Apache for college in Syracuse, New York.I feel forced back into the closet.” are correct, roughly 4.5 percent of Americans are LGBTQ.Even in a large city like New York, that cuts numbers down drastically — about 387,000 of NYC’s 8.6 million people are LGBTQ, based on this statistic.

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It’s no wonder the options start to dwindle, both on dating apps and in real life.

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