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What if what was in your wallet really did make you a better person — or at least perceived as one?The closest thing to such a notion may be the American Express Centurion Card, also known as the Black Card.“I’m the most eligible bachelor with a spotless reputation,” says the 44-year-old New Yorker.“I like to use it to impress the ladies, and they certainly are very inquisitive about it.“The people the card attracts are not the people you want to attract,” he says.“Your close friends know who you are and what you do so they’re not surprised or shocked to see it.” That said, “It is a great way to get the bartender’s attention.”Ip says that his card can be credited with the bottle of champagne that was once sent to his table the first time he visited the famed New York restaurant 21 Club, as well as an upgrade at a Beverly Hills hotel.“He carries everything on a money clip and the card is always on the outside.” In recent years, the friend found himself in six-figures of business and consumer debt and had his electricity turned off a few times for nonpayment, Unal says.

But this hard-to-get credit card, with its unusual black appearance and hefty metal weight, does more than ensure access to airport lounges. I think that it shows that you are not only responsible with your money, but that you have arrived financially in your life and in your career.’ We just look at each other across the table and crack up laughing,” she says.When charm fails, flash the card Edward Ip, owner of IT consulting firm IUG Business Solutions, is another cardholder who prefers to be discreet.Ok, here's the situation: There is an online porn site that I want to subscribe to, but I don't want to use my credit card as it is shared with my spouse.(Before you respond with "you should just tell your spouse about the purchase" or "it's wrong that you want to hide this purchase from her", I recognize that in an ideal world, we could be completely open about this with each other... Sure, there's plenty of decent free content out there, but sometimes, I don't have Wifi access and want something that I downloaded.

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Released in 1999, Am Ex has successfully created an aura of mystery and power around this rectangle made of sturdy titanium.

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