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Too shy to chat head to head in a private chat room?If I steered the texter down particular garden paths it would often be a while before I needed to use any innovation.I set myself a challenge of working my way through the Russian greats during my shifts.He led me to a booth and pointed to a screen where streams of messages were queued up, similar to a chat room. There were a range of identity options for me to click on and pretend to be: Inga, new to London; Susan, bored and looking for trouble — that kind of thing.He said he would leave me for a minute and asked me to read the screen while he was gone. The aim was to keep the man at the other end replying because he was forking over £1.50 a text.

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I came to love London once I’d conquered its back streets and understood its secrets, but my first year living there was bleak and harrowing.