Flirt to sexy housewifes

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I went to our bedroom, anxious to make sure the lights were set right as, given Annie's mood, there was still time for some loving before sleep.

As I passed the lounge room on the way to the bathroom, I could hear Annie and Tom still talking as they stood by the open front door.

Annie was quite disappointed and I guess I was too as it would probably have been a naked spa and might well have been fun.

Tom made noises about walking home and goodbyes were exchanged.

They were still near the door, moving slowly with the music.

Annie was on Champagne Cloud 9 and I wondered if she was really aware that she was with Tom not me.

Thinking she too must have dozed off on the lounge, (damn, no sex tonight), I went to cover her and turn off the music.

As I neared the dimly lit lounge-room I realised that Tom was still there.

I was busily preparing the drinks and nibbles and hardly noticed that she had slipped on a loose fitting open necked sweater and her sexy little poolside hostess skirt. We sometimes substituted Friday night meals with a session at the pub and she usually became amorous and flirtatious.Annie's eyes opened dreamily, but they were glazed: she was still flying blindly through Cloud 9.Kneeling beside her, Tom kept the long kisses going while easing his fingers under the elastic of Annie's panties and across to her soft, warm mound.Friday night was usually a good time to be married to Annie.She dashed outside and switched on the spa, (which explained the skirt), and as she came back in Tom arrived, the mandatory bottle of bubbly in his hand.

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I wanted to stop them but still seemed unable to move.

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