Filemaker calculation field not updating

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Filemaker calculation field not updating

"Arrival" which is the date a student begins attending school.

"Departure" which is the date the student leaves school or graduates.

This setup works well most of the time because we put the "Arrival" and "Departure" dates in on the actual days of arrival and departure.

But, sometimes we know a student will be joining us at a future date, maybe 2 weeks from now.

You might try a (regular) field with an auto-entered calculation with replace, but you will need to "tickle" that auto-entered calculation daily in order to keep it properly updated (much like the old "Today" function).

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However, it appears that you are also using this field as part of a join (relationship) on the "child" side, so the field must be indexed (hence stored).

But you cannot have it both ways (stored and unstored).

I have a calc field that determines if the student is in school by checking if today's date lies between the two date fields.

This calc field is used to match records from a related table in order to pull out a list of students who are currently in school.

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