Enchanted by its charm possibly dating back to 1750

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Enchanted by its charm possibly dating back to 1750

The heartbreaking sorrow reflected in their faces is simply astounding. If you’re lucky enough to be there, stand in front and decide if you agree with the critics and pundits, was it just a woman submitting to the man? Then of course there is the Louvre, world renowned and rightfully so, and on every tourists’ map.For me, the urge to touch and savor a piece of sculpture is always there, whether it’s smooth and flowing or harsh and gnarly, doesn’t matter, I just feel the need to touch. It is huge and you can’t possibly see everything in one visit.Last time I stayed at the Hotel Lutetia, (45 Boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris). It's charming, intimate, the staff helpful and it is centrally located.Best of all it is within walking distance of the Rodin Museum. To be sure you’ll hear discussions on the latest soccer scores, but you will also see games of chess being played, you’ll hear philosophical discussions, you’ll see students reading Voltaire, Zola, Rousseau and probably James Patterson while sipping their brew of choice.In the early morning mist, see the flying buttresses of Notre Dame glisten as the sun rises and casts a spell on the stained glass windows; see the colors sparkle and glow in the early morning sun. The pulse of this vital city is alive and well., away from the bustle of the tourists.That little walk will cost you nothing, and you’ll never regret it. I have done exactly that many times and have found that a gentle rain, overcast sky can be as romantic as anything else, whether you’re alone strolling and day dreaming or walking with someone special by your side. There is so much more to see, arm yourself with a good guide book, and comfortable shoes. Just remember, you can't possibly see everything in a couple of days; for your visit pick what is essential to you and save the rest for another day or another time.Even before you enter the intimate museum, you can get a glimpse of the treasures within through the glass wall. Once you’ve wondered through the gardens, you’re now ready to enter his home.

I wasn’t very graceful, so awestruck I wasn’t paying attention, missed a couple of steps and paid appropriate homage, on my knees, face down or up since I was staring at the magnificent site at the time.

A clumsy introduction like that is memorable to say the least.

I think everyone has heard of the Louvre and the many treasures it houses, but I wonder how many of us actually thought about the historic building that so many masterpieces call home.

He’s there in the elements, right in the midst of the gardens. Sit down in the outdoor café and sip a delicious cup of coffee, look around you, the treasures abound. That is entirely my impression, probably because his presence can still be felt, at least by me.

The Burghers of Calais await your visit, an incredible sculpture depicting men willing to sacrifice their lives to save their village. The Kiss, hard cold marble generating a tremendous amount of heat. The lovers wrapped in an ardent embrace, totally oblivious of others.

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Leave the peace of the gardens and walk out through the wrought iron fence.

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