Ecuador dating culture

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Ecuador dating culture

Click here to check out my Latin American Cupid Review (Messages Inside)​ This is a hard pill to swallow. The national uniform for the women in this country is jeans and sneakers. She’s not as overweight as your average American woman, but her sense of “style” can definitely compete. Anyways, you have to survive without long legs in high heels. You can definitely meet more English-speaking Ecuadorian women than Cuban women.

But seriously, English is spoken by a lot of local women, especially in Quito and Guayaquil. They just use a couple of weird words: Remember these words and you’ll be fine: Impress her with one or two slang words and she won’t stay a Coco for too long. You meet each other, you eat something, and then you puke your lungs out.

When I told one of the girls I met online that I’m about to go to the gym, she replied with “por que? Ecuadorian women are pretty traditional when it comes to sex.

But you made one crucial mistake: You booked a hotel and not an apartment.

It seems to me that one guy had a terrible experience and boom…everyone and their grandmother jumped on the bandwagon. Dating Ecuadorian women can be an incredible experience. They whistle, they smile, they smile more, and they cry when they get rejected over and over again. I mean, she doesn’t give a damn about the fact that you’re white.

You’re not the only one who read about the ugly, stuck up, and spoiled Ecuadorian princess. Dating Amerindian girls makes me feel like Christopher Columbus. Anyway, here’s the truth about the genes of the women you’ll meet: No, don’t date a tribal girl! She knows how to use a phone, a laptop and toilet paper (sorry for that image). Some of the most beautiful women in the country have white skin. The local guys constantly remind them of their beauty. Let’s face the truth: It’s really hard to seduce a Caucasian Ecuadorian woman.

She wants to do all kinds of crazy things with you.

Oh, and don’t forget to make sure that she’s home before midnight. In his eyes, she’s still a child and children have a curfew. In case you’ve been to Colombia, you’ve already shaken hands with it. The beautiful women in this country, the ones you want, get chased. Latino men are not good at accepting “no” for an answer. The Ecuadorian girls I talked to online are stunning. If you stay away from Quito and focus on Guayaquil and Montanita, you can meet incredibly beautiful women whose favorite sport is gringo hunting. Well, you should know that these ladies are Catholic. This small coastal town is located in the province of Santa Elena. Nowadays, it’s a popular destination for surfers and for sexy gringo hunters. Montanita in one word: Paradise It really is a paradise. This small town was once the center of the local hippie movement. Let’s say you’re looking for Ecuadorian women for marriage. There’s just one option: You have to move out of that damn hotel and rent an apartment. Thousands of beautiful Remember what I said earlier. Why don’t you check out my Latin American Cupid review, join the dating site for FREE, and see it with your own eyes? You’ve read so many articles and forum posts about the terrible and ugly Ecuadorian women that you don’t even want to meet them anymore.

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