Duck duck goose dating

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No one ever expected them to bring a deadly danger, ...

See full summary » Set in a bustling bird city on the edge of the majestic Victoria Falls, "Zambezia" is the story of Kai, a naïve, but high-spirited young falcon who travels to the bird city of "Zambezia", ...

Peng introduces Jingjing to Chi and Chao, and tells her that might end up having more children.

In a mid credits scene, Larry, a turtle, makes his way to valley, only to find everyone gone.

Along with his friends, The Jungle Bunch, he intends to maintain...

If Goose 1 manages to get back into their inital spot, then they're safe and Goose 2 starts doing the whole head-tapping thing again.

Peng rescues Chi and Chao, however, during their escape, they get separated again.

Banzou returns and holds the ducklings hostage, Peng confronts Banzou, but becomes badly injured from fighting him.

Flightless and frightened, Peng decides to use the ducklings to fend himself off from predators, and return safely to his flock. After a series of misadventures, Peng starts to grow on the ducklings, however, before he agrees to help the ducklings reunite with their flock, he comes across his own flock, where Chi and Chao discover his true intentions.

The two groups end up parting their own separate ways, as they try to get to their destinations.

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Goose 2 then chases Goose 1 around and around the circle.

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