Dress attire for speed dating

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Dress attire for speed dating

They say, the first impression is always the last, so to impress that guy you need to dress up well to win his heart.Likewise, men too are anxious to impress on the first date.Sometimes they wear flats on the first date because they’re worried about being taller than their date, but it’s really just about how awesome you feel.It’s not like your date is going to grow if you keep dating them, so just wear your heels!If you naturally have sort of a hipster-y Williamsburg style, and you wear Lily Pulitzer on a date, it’s not going to attract the kind of person you want.

Making an excellent first impression can fatten the chances of going on a second date.If you do wear them, though, make sure it’s not an active date.Make sure you know what you’re doing ahead of time. Try to dress to match the occasion: More formal for an evening date, but if it’s a daytime date, keep it casual. If you’re trying to date a more fashion-conscious woman—most women in metropolitan areas tend to be a little bit more fashion-conscious—shoes are big. Also, I’ve never really been much of a fan of the short-sleeved button down.So for people who don’t follow fashion closely, will their date’s clothing have an effect?Another thing that we’ve learned in studying this is that one of the ways to instantly make yourself more attractive and more presentable to other people is your clothing.

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It’s not about the actual piece of clothing, but about how confident you feel and how you carry yourself in something that you feel special in and proud of.

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