Dns clients not updating records Dating younger women

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Dns clients not updating records

DHCP also, registers in the DNS servers in TCP/IP properties of the machine it is running on.

Hi, We have a mixed system of Mac and PC clients here, with a Windows server box acting as DHCP and DNS server.

Check the command line set command for logonserver: set logonserver ....ensure this is set to a replciated DC -- or use NLTest and Net Diag for definitive tests.

(But this latter is usually overkill.) After I had proven authentication then I might consider (with permission from management etc) using the Network Monitor or something similar on the DHCP server to capture all of the DHCP and registration traffic. Com (phone on web site) Hi, I'm having the same problem, Windows Clients are registering but nothing else.

This is NOT a criticism or a complaint just a tip for you to obtain better help.

"Saibot75" If "Secure only Updates" are being used (they should be) the DHCP server might not be authenticating, or it might not be using the correct DNS server set (ONLY), or it might not be a member of the DNSUpdate Proxy groups, or better be using the correct DNS Update credentials with a valid and current password.

I will forward your tips to our system administrators and hope they NOW are able to solve our problem... Kind regards, Tobias Olofsson ONLY if you don't use "Update Credentials" (a regulary user account with non-expiring password).

Update Credentials are set to the same account on all (competing) DHCP servers so that the secure updates will not conflict.

PCs not only get an IP address from HCP, but when they do so they can automatically update the DNS server with name information (dynamic DNS). The box is checked for "Use root hints if no forwarders are available". Forwarders are set to Open DNS (resolver 1 & resolver 2).I cannot find a way to get Mac clients to also do this, and without it there is no way, short of manual entry, to access the clients by name. Thanks, Tim Hi Tim, here are some seemingly random thoughts.(Watch for a post from Peebles who knows his stuff inside and out) 1) Look at configuring SMB/CIFS in Directory Access on the mac.

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