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According to officials, the shooting started in Midland and then proceeded to Odessa.In a news conference Saturday afternoon, Chief Michael Gerke of the Odessa Police Department said the shooting began around 3 p.m. Share | Anti-government protesters are planning to gridlock transport links serving Hong Kong International Airport on Sunday afternoon, a day after police used water cannons and tear gas against demonstrators who had hurled petrol bombs and bricks at them.And, yes, in this beautiful metaphor, the dirty, stinking water represents the elite’s relentless social agenda.Share | Afew hours characteristically behind schedule, Amtrak’s Southwest Chief rolls into Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the small station that it shares with the Greyhound bus service on the edge of downtown.

Share | "The president calls on protesters to express their calls through peaceful means and hopes all parties can resolve the social conflicts altogether," said a spokesman for Legislative Council president Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen.

Los Angeles and Chicago have also seen a triple digit net loss of 201 and 161 residents leaving in 2019, respectively.

Share | The TSA accidentally admitted years ago that its (annoying) presence at airports was extraneous.

Share | Fake news is so threatening to America’s national security, the Pentagon’s DARPA research agency has announced it will launch a project to repel “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks,” according to Bloomberg.

Share | At least five people were killed and 21 others were injured in shootings near Midland and Odessa on Saturday before the alleged shooter was shot and killed at Cinergy Cinemas in Odessa, police said.

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Share | Did someone say higher taxes and higher real estate prices were a good thing, because that doesn’t seem to be the case in New York City.