Dating while discerning priesthood

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Dating ought to be the process by which we’re looking for our future spouse.If you’re not ready to get married then you probably shouldn’t be dating. While the intentions of a person may be clearly defined (“Just so you know, I’m considering the priesthood”), the language of the body is not aligned with the intent of the heart.If you haven’t ruled out a religious vocation for your life and you seriously desire to explore that option, then you’re not ready to sincerely consider marriage (and thus shouldn’t be dating).Dating while in a period of discerning can be a selfish act to stem off loneliness or even be a purposeful act of self-sabotage because we fear the demands of our vocation.Fear of Choosing, Fear of Losing I experienced a phenomena that I recognize in many other young adults that I like to call, “vocational paralysis.” For a host of different reasons, we may feel overwhelmed by the decision before us and so we either postpone it or make no decision at all.It’s easier to remain on the fence than actually move in a direction.But it was only after I stepped out and trusted Him. There will be a lot of growth and transition coming soon. You’re starting to make some concrete decisions for your future, while still on fertile ground to explore. Flexible, but it’s time to make serious life choices. What a gift to be called into union with and service to Christ!

I tried to walk that line in college and failed more than a few times, hurting several friends in the process.

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Love means for the fulfillment our hearts yearn for, not to any mortal man or woman.

Marriage itself becomes an idol when we put a man or woman on a pedestal and expect him or her to fulfill our deepest longings (spoiler alert: of the next, much less self-centered season of your life. If you’ve passed the initial “curiosity stage” of considering a religious vocation and entered into a more serious discernment phase, I don’t believe it’s wise or prudent to date. Lack of Intentionality What’s the purpose of dating?

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