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Please do not use any images that identify the artist.For collaborations, select one collaborator to be the contact in your ZAPP profile.The historic Sponge Docks area, celebrating Greek heritage, is an easy walk or trolley ride away.The Festival, in the midst of these attractions, provides a unique opportunity for purchasing fine art and fine craft.The event takes place on the peak weekend of March 14 and 15, 2020.Tarpon Springs sits at the north end of Florida’s most densely populated county, accessible from the entire Tampa Bay area.Printed in editions of 250 or fewer, signed and numbered. 3-dimensional work, wearable and non-wearable, created by the artist from fibrous materials; may include basketry, books, embroidery, paper, quilts, weaving, felting.No commercial or mass-produced works permitted, regardless of enhancement by the artist; wearables must be designed and constructed by the artist. 2-dimensional work created by the artist using digital and film photography that has not been manipulated to achieve results beyond that which can be produced in a dark room, and which is derived solely from the artist’s own source material. Work must be printed by the artist or under his/her strict supervision in editions of 250 or fewer, signed and numbered. 2-dimensional work created by the artist via a transfer process, resulting in multiples.

Collaborators must be named at the time of application.This juried show attracts artists from across the U. The Festival offers artists the opportunity to exhibit in a waterfront, oak-shaded Park in the center of Tarpon Springs. Some 18,000 loyal patrons flock to the show every year to interact with and buy from exhibitors, sample craft beer and good food, and enjoy live entertainment. Spring Bayou anchors Tarpon Springs’ interlocking waterways that directly feed into the Gulf of Mexico.These waters draw thousands of day visitors and winter residents.Works produced in a shared studio and signed by an individual artist are not collaborations.In this case, a separate application should be made for each artist, and if accepted, will be shown in separate booths.

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An artist may be accepted and agree to exhibit in up to 2 categories, which must be shown in separate booths.

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