Dating stationary engines

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Dating stationary engines

Any information on the history of these motors would be helpful, sorry I cant post images as the file is too big and I dont know how to reduce them in size regards Cosmo Could be 1951 too.

This one is a lot better then the first link I posted.

We would be happy to help you date your own Bamford engine, and you can request this help by sending us an email using the link below.

John Alfred Prestwich was an English engineer, designer, and businessman. The first motorcycle engine developed and sold by J. Although his engines powered motorcycles of his own design for a short time, they earned a reputation for power and reliability needed by other manufacturers.

They have a website at I found them most helpful for parts for a Villiers engine on a mower.(They also stock Villiers, Jap, BSA and Kohler parts). Peter, Thanks for pointing out the incorrect spelling of the name. The 4/2 was 245cc, 2.4bhp @ 2400rpm, Wico Mag A576BZ. Hi, First time posting in here, I tend to refurb a lot of old engines these days and have a JAP model 0 engine that I have more or less finished however, would anyone here know what the ignition timing is for the model 0 as I was under the impression that it was around 4 deg BTDC ?

One other peculiarity of these engines is that both the inlet and exhaust valves are operated by the same single cam. That looks very similar to mine, except that mine has an oil bath air cleaner. Hello all Well I'm blowed if I can figure out the charts.The articles are very useful, with cutaway drawings etc. They also cover operating instructions and maintenance information like valve and points settings, and lots of other useful information. ) was still advertising copies of the handbook a few years ago when I got mine - I haven't bought a copy though, because the TOMM articles cover the engine very well.The 2S, according to the article, is a vertical, side valved, air cooled four stroke petrol engine.The first one is bad in comparison in the explanation.I'll be printing and keeping this link. The webby thingo is full of JAP dating guideshttps://

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The original fuel tank which is missing in the photos sits on the two brackets above the cylinder head. The smallest engine they have listed is 175cc and obviously there are smaller JAP's and, as in the 2S's, the capacity letter doesn't seem to follow the guidelines.