Dating someone who is hiv positive 100 dating site with no credit card card required

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If you take simple precautions, HIV does not spread the way it previously did.

Some industry professionals believe we’re only 10 years away from a cure, and the current HIV medication available to us keeps HIV undetectable in the bloodstream.

But, unfortunately, including his name in this article would subject him to the unwarranted stigma surrounding HIV.

It's in the way he smiles at you endearingly as you struggle with your chopsticks.

The more I learned and the more I contemplated, I came to the conclusion there was virtually no risk at all.

The HIV partner study (the study that changed the way I view HIV) studied 767 couples who had differing HIV statuses.

I was new to the gay scene, having only come out to my parents the weekend before.

Back then, I saw HIV as a death sentence, a disease that stripped a person of his identity. I visited his doctor and armed myself with all the knowledge I would need to make this work.

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For me, this changed the face of HIV, and I hope this does the same for you.

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