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Since 1993 our easy to use Windows interface and comprehensive automotive shop management tools have impressed thousands of shop owners across the country and around the world.This includes Fleet Maintenance Management for Governmental Agencies and State and Local Municipalities.In December 31, 2009, after a bit of asking, Tempy finally decided to go back to MSDS and do a major fix, named as 'Macro Sonic Dating Sim .1' (Point One), this Updated version gave a few graphic fixes, major bug fixes and spelling fixes to the game, which made it 'bug free' and a bit easier for people having problems due to errors, However, many haven't noticed some of these fixes, as some of the bugs were far from common.

Hervorragende Nacht-Simulation mit sowohl visuellen als auch infraroten Bildinhalten.Durch den weltweit höchsten nativen Kontrast von 2,5 Millionen : 1 und die aberrations- und verzerrungsfrei abbildenden ZEISS DIGIGON Projektionsobjektive erreichen Projektionen mit ZEISS VELVET Projektoren höchstmögliche Schärfe, klar abgegrenzte Pixel und höchste Bildauflösung.Das macht die Simulation zu einer perfekten Replik der Realität. Es ist kein Unterschied mehr zwischen Simulation und Realität erkennbar, was im Besonderen auf dunkle Bildinhalte wie bei Nachtflugsimulation zutrifft.Different ones of the four girls (Amy Rose, Tikal Echidna, Princess Sally Acorn & Sonia Hedgehog) and three boys (Sonic, Tails & Mighty) would appear at different locations in patterns which could be easily worked out with a bit of skill.Once in a while, an Event would happen that would give you a big boost with the girl/guy of your choice or a Chaos Emerald would appear.

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The Macro Sonic Dating Sim (Or MSDS) is a Flash based Dating Simulation game created by Tempy, starting in January 1, 2007 with the first Public Beta, till its finished release in October 1, 2008, with an Updated version in December 31, 2009.

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