Dating paying the bill

Posted by / 19-Jan-2020 05:56

Paying for a meal, the typical Chinese person flaunts their privileged status, coming across as “looking good” and worthy. Whilst in Malaysia, once around Christmas my grandparents organised a banquet with a private room at a Chinese restaurant for twenty or so in the family.

Naturally as the organisers, they had no qualms footing the bill.

These nights always ended with lots of yelling, relatives arguing at the top of their lungs as to who would pay for the ten-course meals in cash.

Throughout this camaraderic moment, even the winner swallows their pride.

As writer Khalil Gibran said on having good faith: These days attitudes are changing towards paying the bill among the younger generation Asians, at least in Australia.

The one person who didn’t say “men” said that whoever asked for the date paid (or at least should pay) for the date.

I looked into the research more to see how dating has changed in the past few decades.

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