Dating out of your social class

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Dating out of your social class

He would pore over coupons and spend hours researching purchases; Danielle would get annoyed with his constant drive to “save 11 cents.” Jim so routinely returned items Danielle bought that she once deliberately spilled soda on their couch so he couldn’t take it back.Another time, she lied and told him stores would not accept returned cologne.To cope with this crushing poverty, she “just pretended like [money] didn’t exist,” she told me.“I would just spend what I needed to and never think about it.Jason married Lori, a woman who grew up with three beautiful homes and a yacht.Both Jason and Lori had good jobs, and eventually they bought their own large house. “He would say, ‘I haven’t done anything to deserve this house,’ ” Lori explained.William, for example, was the son of a sawmill repairman and a saleswoman.

Danielle, like many of the spouses who grew up working class, didn’t like to budget or develop a long-term savings plan.He learned to express himself freely (and often loudly).William’s wife, Anneka, grew up in a professional, white-collar community. Madison’s classmates made fun of her shabby surroundings. Even after graduating from college, marrying and settling into a middle-class life, Madison couldn’t shake her insecurity about her home. Her parents couldn’t consistently afford electricity or indoor plumbing, never mind fancy appliances and wall hangings.

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