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Alternative versions of the game include: children caught "out" by the last rhyme may stand on a pressure plate behind one of the children forming the original arch, instead of forming additional arches; and children forming "arches" may bring their hands down for each word of the last line, while the children passing through the arches run as fast as they can to avoid being caught on the last word. In this way, the series of arches becomes a steadily lengthening tunnel through which each set of two players has to run faster and faster to escape in time. Various characters contribute snippets of the rhyme as the book goes on, and the last lines figure symbolically into the closing events of the second section. Two sticks and an apple, Say the bells at Whitechapel. The tune is reminiscent of change ringing, and the intonation of each line is said to correspond with the distinct sounds of each church's bells. These include George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), where it is used as a snippet of nursery rhyme which embodies the forgotten past that protagonist Winston Smith yearns for. The rhyme is recited in a scene of the 1973 film The Wicker Man In the dystopian future of the video game Half-Life 2 (2004), oranges and lemons can be seen in graffiti on walls as symbols of the Resistance. In the 1963 horror-comedy The Old Dark House, part of the rhyme is heard on a tape recording played backwards while trying to discover the identity of the secret killer.The fruit comes in many forms-from Jaffa oranges to blood oranges- and all of them are healthy delicious treats.Back before refrigeration and fast transportation, oranges were a rare and expensive gift that eaten only at holiday time. Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C and full of other antioxidants that are good for you.

The song is used in a children's singing game with the same name, in which the players file, in pairs, through an arch made by two of the players (made by having the players face each other, raise their arms over their head, and clasp their partners' hands).Until the lemon juice has evaporated or been completely absorbed, the oxygen reacts with the ascorbic acid, preventing the apple from turning brown.The more acidic a substance is, the more capable it is of preventing apples from turning brown during preparation. Old Father Baldpate, Say the slow bells at Aldgate. 1744), where the lyrics are: There is considerable variation in the churches and lines attached to them in versions printed in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, which makes any overall meaning difficult to establish. Problematically for these theories the last two lines, with their different metre, do not appear in the earlier recorded versions of the rhyme, including the first printed in Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song Book (c.

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