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Gradually, the people of the area stopped using the term Matlog and by the 20One of the earliest accounts in recorded history of Bigfoot sightings dates back to 1792 and was recorded in a journal named Noticias de Nutka: An Account of Nootka Sound in 1792 by Jose Mariano Mozino.

Eighteen years later, in 1792, Juan Vincente Guemes, Viceroy of New Spain, ordered an exploration of the Pacific Coast to compile…

The journal was written during a time when the exploration of the Pacific Coast was underway by the Spanish and English.

The story starts in 1774, when Captain Bruno de Esceta documented an inlet he discovered called Mowichat by the local Nootka tribe.

This provacative FOX Network "prime time" television special investigates the purported "Alien Autopsy" footage that was allegedly filmed by the United States military after the legendary UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Reality Entertainment and The Sylvanic Cooperation presents "Discovering Bigfoot." Discovering Bigfoot is the first feature film documentary with real live interaction between a Bigfoot creature, wilderness experts, Ph D's and other world renowned experts and researchers of the Bigfoot enigma.

Matt Moneymaker, founder of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation (B. Journey into the heart of Sasquatch Country with Todd Standing who appeared with Survivorman's Les Stroud in "Survivorman Bigfoot".

Harry had been abducted and taken to a camp of Matlog were at least 20 of the creatures, both male and female of all different sizes, were staring at him intently.

The best evidence for extraterrestrial contact, dating ... O.'s top investigators travel North America and the world to search for the mysterious creature called Bigfoot.See full summary » For millenniums Bigfoot has silently protected the world and man from himself, yet the evil of industry brings him out of the darkness to battle for the total control of nature; the North Dakota Badlands live up to its name-Hell on earth. When does the subject of Sasquatch stop being viewed as tabloid research and start being viewed as a very real phenomenon across North America?After a "Bigfoot Hunter" claims to possess the body of a dead Sasquatch, a disgraced investigative journalist stakes his comeback -- and the lives of his documentary film crew -- on proving the find to be a hoax. This documentary sets out to clear the phenomenon of being hoaxed.Suddenly, he was lifted off the ground and carried away.Unable to break free from his captor, Harry was carried some 2-3 miles away and at first light found that he was in a horrifying situation.

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It took Harry three weeks to recover from the incident and at first he refused to speak of his ordeal.

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