Dating muslim wont tell his family dating people of other religions

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We both have to decide what things are truly important, and what things are worth letting go.It is all about compromise, just like any other marriage, but then the cultural differences definitely create even more of a need to be flexible and understanding.Im a non practicing Catholic but I dont particularly like the ethos of Islam especially the status of women, which would be particularly important were I to have a daughter. I'm just gonna state the obvious and say this was stuff you shoulda thought about before getting pregnant.Are there any other western moms here married/cohabiting with a Muslim Arab? But I'm sure you already know that and what's done is done.It did make me nervous at first but I drowned out that non-sense. Spend this time talking about your future and discuss how you will raise your baby.We've been together for 7 years and still going strong. GLI'm an American, 23 years old, married to an Egyptian Muslim for over 3 years. I don't think it's fair to generalize about Muslims, as other posters have said.I think the fact that you said you do not even want to go back to Egypt is definitely a warning flag.

I don't do cleaning 24/7 and I definitely won't be raising the children alone.I'm an agnostic, I'm Christian on paper only and I don't practice any religion, my Muslim husband is not the most devout Muslim ever to exist, but he doesn't drink, do drugs, or any other things that would be considered a sin in Islam. Yeah I agree with the First Lady, should of thought about it before.Maybe you were not aware of this, but in Islam the children are supposed to follow the religion of the father, regardless of the mother's religion..daughter will be raised Muslim and I have no problem with it because true Islam is not "bad" as the West likes to make out. I know it's hard to think about "will I ever get pregnant by him"... He turned completely around after his family found out and expected her to be like his mother is to his dad.I am a teacher and work four days a week, and my husband helps take care of our son the days I am working along with his mother.I do not serve him, but I do probably cook and clean a bit more than he does. Culture will always be an issue in our relationship, but it doesn't have to be a negative issue.

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