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The romantic relationship memes open up new paths for the relationship to be romantic in a sweet way that ensures everyone is left feeling loved without feeling negatively overwhelmed by the love declarations.

There are memes of different types but we offer you some memes especially for a funny relationship where you are so close to your partner that you are having a fun love relationship with him/her.

This is very funny memes about relationship that you may tag your friend on that.

Those people who are fed up from the relationship they post the memes about heart broking and to aware other people to protect from the relationship that is very funniest meme in social media.

For example if 30 percent of women aged 18 - 23 have a boyfriend who is over age 23 and if very few women over age 23 have a boyfriend who is age 23 or under, then this will result in 30 percent of men aged 18 - 23 not having a girlfriend.

Most women make no effort to ensure that men are treated fairly or to ensure that young men have opportunities to meet and talk to young women.

A few ways in which young men are mistreated: Women don't usually make an effort to talk to men, so most men are forced to make the effort and when they do they are most often met with rejection, rudeness and indifference, especially in places intended for meeting the opposite sex such as clubs, bars and online dating sites.

A relationship is however more than the fun you have together, it is also about the love that you create together and cherish in each other as you spend the time together.

These memes give you a feel of freshness because whenever there is a fun element in a relationship it makes it healthy.

Flirting is definitely one of those hit or miss things.

It can either go really well to the point where you’re drawing hearts in your notebook or horribly, horribly wrong – like bad enough to make you want to hide in a closet and not come out for a year.

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