Dating like a french woman

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They appreciate how the right word solicits a smile, how a clever compliment transforms you into the Queen of the Evening.To amuse the person you want to seduce – and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself too – be lighthearted… Show him that you’re pleased to be in such good company.You can appear romantic to the person you want to seduce by engaging them in conversation on lighter topics, thus arousing in them the desire to know more. But, to show curiosity, you should flaunt some knowledge of the topic. Broaden your interests to learn about authors, current novels, the latest exhibitions and events. Do not rely only on the physical attraction, but on what is behind the physical: the mind.

Remember in Rule 5, I told you not to be too hasty.If a man or woman pays the bill at the restaurant and serves you first, how do you reciprocate? Be expansive to others and highlight your openness to the world that surrounds us.Show considerate behavior, share thoughts and feelings that will demonstrate you fully sense the other before you. When you have to “flirt”, think about your appearance.Okay, you know you can charm in a conversation, you’re intellectually up to speed, but it’s still not enough.You should know how to laugh, that’s the secret of “flirt”, and I can tell you the French love a good laugh!

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It-filles like the sisters Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg and Instagram superstar Jeanne Damas rose to prominence.

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