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Dating jaguar guitars

Today, the Jaguar is available in many different Fender forms.This includes the American Pro, the Classic Player and the Player Series.This means the tones can diverge quite a lot but the base sound remains quite similar.Lots of indie bands adore the Fender Jaguar and Johnny Marr is certainly an indie icon. Members of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds use Jagaurs often. The most important thing to do is try one for yourself and see if you like it.Beautiful guitar...wonder why he play without the trem arm though. I'd say a little later, maybe 63 or 64...afaik matching headstocks weren' t yet all that common by 62.

It was the best sounding Jag I've ever heard, and since I'm in need of some new pickups for mine, I thought I might try to get some as close as possible to the ones in his vintage black model with matching headstock.

Trouble is, Paul Maroon is something of a recluse, and doesn't do many interviews, so I can't nail down a precise year of manufacture.

Are there any telltale signs in these photos that one of the more experienced users in this forum can point out?

All guitars sound at least a little bit different but we'd say they are largely the same for most of the sounds.

The Strat has it's 'quacky' in-between sounds and the Jag has its multitude of switching options.

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Otherwise they share a lot of similarities in shape, styling and overall vibe.