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Dating ins southwest fl is free at this friendly non-sexual naturist social club, which is the largest nudist group in southwest Florida.(All expenses are paid by the group's leaders, Peter Kacalanos and Suzanne Cherney.) It's not a commercial nudist resort or nudist camp.The club's website shows when and where the next free party is to be held.Members are also sent an email each time a new party is scheduled.The 100 ft diameter opening is what remains from an ancient sinkhole spring. You may want to get experience cave diving before venturing out to this dive site.Latitude: 26 10.273’N, Longitude: 82 54.574’W 26 10.287’N, 82 54.520’W A 47 foot turtle boat that was sunk as an artificial reef in 1997.If this group sounds like something you might be interested in (whether you're a seasoned nudist or just interested in exploring the experience), you can instantly join Naturists of Southwest Florida for free on its web site with no obligation. The Captiva Blue Hole, aka ‘The Crack’, is a submerged sink hole, located about 30 offshore from Boca Grande Florida.

Multiple GPS Coordinates: Railroad Hopper Cars: Latitude: 26 33.373’N, Longitude: 82 43.367’W Railroad Hopper Cars: 26 33.498’N, 82 43.128’W Sunken Vessel: 26 33.130’N, 82 43.415’W Sunken Barges: 26 29.975’N, 82 43.468’W Depth: ~ 87 ft Latitude: 26 20.358’N, Longitude: 83 22.027’W Depth: ~ 166 ft A 180 foot long steel hull offshore supply ship.

We feel you can never have too many naked friends. members are encouraged to host a party in their own homes and gardens, setting a limit for the number of members who can register to attend.

The most popular location for the nude parties so far has been Peter and Suzanne's place in Naples.

Latitude: 25 50.563’N, Longitude: 82 09.114’W Depth: ~ 65 ft down to about 220 ft The Black Hole is also called Naples Spring.

Visibility in the sinkhole can fluctuate significantly.

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Members can then submit their RSVPs on line to let the hosts know whether the members will or won't be coming.

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