Dating game bloopers

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Dating game bloopers

You can play as many rounds as you want and with 40 questions you have plenty of rounds to play!

This date night can easily be adapted to play as a couple and is, believe me, JUST as fun!

Fortunately, Yrigoyen took responsibility for his actions and issued an apology, and the newly engaged couple addressed the controversy head-on during the about how much she loves living life with her fiancé.

"He doesn't take life too seriously," the former Bachelorette revealed.

producers are looking to create a bit of drama wherever they can.

Brian Osborne, a contestant on Andi Dorfman's season, managed to avoid confronting his greatest fear in front of the Bachelorette — so his fellow contestants decided to take matters into their own hands.

" Considering what we know now, it certainly sounds like someone (or that it's not as glamorous as it seems. "There's no TV, phones, or anything," the anonymous source dished, revealing that contestants who aren't chosen for dates are left with little to do.

And even more entertaining—their reactions to their spouse’s answers! We have everything you need to have a fun night with just you and your spouse OR you can always make it a group date night and play the Newlywed Game with your favorite couples as a group date night.

The Newlywed Game is a fun game to play for bridal showers, weddings, anniversary parties and, of course, our specialty—DATE NIGHT! With 40 unique questions and some seriously impressive printables designed by Carisa at Messes to Memories, you are set! It is date night made easy—you are welcome (in advance! You can play the Newlywed Game in a group date night setting, similar to the way that it is traditionally played on the TV show.

"When I'm down, he always lifts me up." The California-native's sense of humor is on full display in one of our favorite bloopers, in which he playfully rubs the pompoms attached to Kufrin's beanie and says, "I like your balls." If the smile on Kufrin's face is any indication of her day-to-day life with Yrigoyen, we foresee a lifetime of love (and laughs) for this In this Season 13 blooper, Rachel Lindsay is all of us as she tries desperately to stay awake while listening to Adam Gottschalk, who is visibly thrilled to have one-on-one time with her. Is she dropping a not-so-subtle hint that she's mentally checked out of the conversation? Luckily, Gottschalk takes the opportunity to poke a little fun at himself, and Lindsay collapses on his lap in a fit of giggles. Currently a podcast host and frequent Bachelor Nation commentator, Viall can be somewhat of a divisive figure among fans — and he's experienced his fair share of feuds within the franchise, as well.

Just as the poor guy seems to be getting to the point of his monologue, Lindsay lets out the mother of all yawns (seriously, it's impressive). The reality star infamously called out former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman on national television for "making love" with him during their Fantasy Suite date, only to reject him and accept a proposal from Josh Murray.

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Talking to a 12-year-old girl in the audience at the debate, Harrison joked, "You're not gonna learn anything today.

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