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Dating cliches that are true

at least, not according to findings published in the journal, . Evolutionarily speaking, women bear the brunt of child-rearing, so it’s important for them to enter relationships with men who could be potential husbands — making them less likely to hook up with just anyone.When the study’s researchers at Durham University in the UK asked almost 2,000 men and women to talk about their feelings after partaking in a one-night stand, 80 percent of the male participants had positive feelings about their night of passion, saying they secretly wanted their friends to find out about their escapades.The thing is, if you would have known me 8 years ago you would have realised quite quickly on that my dating life was a bit of a mess. It was a disaster, and one that I happily reveled in.

One interesting study that showed women were more likely to describe themselves as ‘feelers’ rather than being mechanistically inclined showed [that] the difference disappeared if you didn’t ask the person to identify themselves by sex at the beginning of the study,” explains Haltzman.

Not that the ladies mind, either — the researchers found that women who consider themselves to be physically attractive expected their dates to shell out for dates.

Cliché #3: Men enjoy casual flings more than women do Samantha Jones might have had her share of one-night stands and meaningless encounters, but the average woman just isn’t into that…

Especially when it came to getting advice from those who had more life experience than I did.

I thought that any and all relationship and dating advice was a cliche, and dismissed it.

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Most likely it’s the truth, according to a study conducted by the University College London, University of Warwick and the London School of Economics and Political Science, which found that a relationship does have a better chance of getting off the ground if a couple doesn’t become intimate on the first date.

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