Dating a manipulator

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Dating a manipulator

This will allow you to keep a more accurate track of your finances whilst removing any urge to spend it on a short-term benefit that will only hamper your larger aspirations.When at school and university, I saw my best friends almost on the daily.If a friend raves about a new band or artist they are obsessing over, take the time to give their new album a listen.If a close acquaintance can’t stop beaming when giving you a synopsis of a movie they recently saw, then make a note to watch it at some point.You may have an end-goal in mind, but there will be all sorts of unpredictable pitfalls and challenges along the way.Conquering obstacle after obstacle, you’ll soon realize that this original end-goal may no longer be what you want after all, and that a complete change in direction is needed. Remember that person you met at a party who, when politely asked what they do, recited a memorized life story that listed all their achievements from the primary-school handwriting prize to their PHD in astrophysics? The more you try to impress people, the more arrogant and egotistical you will look, and, paradoxically, the less impressed they will actually be. When you do something undesirable, your brain starts to invent all sorts of far-fetched outcomes, inflating things out of proportion into an enormous balloon of anxiety.

Do yourself a favor and learn to filter out the crap.It’s great to be proud of your accomplishments, but don’t go shoving them down peoples’ throats like hot dogs at an all-you-can-eat competition. In reality however, nothing ever comes of these concerns.The truth is most people are too self-absorbed to even register these events, never mind having any interest in them. Unless you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of these three questions, then it’s probably not a big deal.I’m more broadly talking about anything that you take an interest in. Then teach yourself the ins and outs of how an engine and carburetor operate. Whether you want to buy a house, save for a wedding, or, like me, travel the world, have a separate bank account with the sole purpose of saving specifically for this dream goal.Then, whatever you do, don’t touch it for any other reason.

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Best put by Mark Twain: Next time you have an ‘Oh my God, my life is ruined moment,’ ask yourself: Am I going to prison? Most of what is written on the internet is bullshit. Go and give your mother a call and ask her how she’s doing.

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