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Danielle american pickers dating mike

“I love to see what people do with their vintage and how it is being re-purposed.”How does she fit it all in?Ask her: “I wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning every day. I sleep three or four hours every night, but I wouldn’t change anything.I still am a tinkerer.”Danielle met Mike Wolfe, lead star on , nearly fifteen years ago at a yard sale of all places. Mike has a huge personality and his laugh made me giggle.Mike was always the first person at my gallery showing and was always so kind to my children.”Besides taking care of her family and appearing on the TV show, Danielle also works as a trained burlesque dancer.The show became a hit in the reality film industry and earned him the beginning of his famous days.

Sometimes back the relationship between Frank Fritz and his partner and friend Mike Wolfe became a subject of discussion.His main interest lies in old bikes, toy cars, and other old unusual items.Frank and his partner Mike travel to various countries in such of vintage items.From there hence on he began collecting items from various collections and restocking them for sale.In 2010, Frank alongside his two other friends Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby launched their reality show “American Pickers” on History Channel.

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He is an American actor with a strong passion for vintage items.

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