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Garret subsequently revealed that the woman Lily thought to have been her mother was really her aunt.

Lily is describable as somewhat eccentric, being given to pursuits of mysticism and "New Age" philosophy.

Lily and Garret Macy were once romantically involved, a developing relationship that ended when Garret returned briefly to his ex-wife. As season 2 was beginning, Lily finally appeared to be over Garret, but she had to deal with Bug.

To complicate matters for Bug, who still had feelings for Lily, the insensitive Detective Matt Seely appeared to be trying to win Lily over; at times it seemed that he was even succeeding.

She often goes above and beyond her job description to find justice for the dead, putting her at odds with the law and shaking her friendship with Garret.

D.(born 1969), the daughter of former homicide detective Max Cavanaugh and Emily Cavanaugh, is a forensic pathologist, working under Dr. D., at the Suffolk County, Massachusetts, Medical Examiner's Office.

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Her mother had been shot, and was lying dead on the kitchen floor.