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Consolidating loans in default

But there are differences between the two, and it’s important to understand which is the better option in your particular situation.If you are behind a few months in your student loan payments, you are technically not in default.And while you are not out of default the very first day, further collection activities will stop once you have agreed to a rehabilitation.

After the last payment, your loan is rehabilitated, and you are out of default.Instead of multiple smaller loans, you will now have one larger loan.Unlike a private loan, with a federal student loan, you do not need to apply for credit to obtain a consolidation loan.Neither plan will save you more interest or collection fees than the other, or lower them by any appreciable amount.Both, however, will save you interest and collection fees when compared to doing absolutely nothing.

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But, once one payment is more than 270 days late, your loan is in default.

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