Consolidating itunes library itunes 10

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Consolidating itunes library itunes 10

Media Rage was also a great way just to see groups of files easily and batch change certain fields.It is lacking a slick interface and can get a little clunky since it is more a collection of miniprograms than a collective whole, so it takes a little getting used to.For these albums I used an i Tunes applescript called Track Parser to correctly move the proper information to where it should be.This is a great script that can also move track number, album year, and any other information granted that they start in a single field and can be parsed out to other ones.It doesn’t load from your i Tunes library file so you can load what ever files you want, though it if is a lot of files, it takes a while to process.The final great part of Media Rage is it’s ability to move files to an organized structure of your choosing.Media Rage is also smart in the fact that if I was missing some songs in the album I could pick and choose the right tag information to be transferred over.This worked for the most part, but some compilations had artist as “Various Artists” and had the artist information as part of the song name, i.e “Save A Prayer – Duran Duran” as the song name.

This was due to a compilation album not being set as such in i Tunes.The problem was the following: for one artist I had multiple entries.Example: Ella Fitzgerald Fitzgerald, Ella Ella Fitzgerald & the Cotton Club Orchestra Ella Fitzgerald & her Cotton Club Orchestra Ella Fitzgerald and the Cotton Club Orchestra etc.You get the point, not to mention all the misspellings.After searching and searching for various programs my approach was a three fold fix.

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