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And even more alarming was that the TV presenter interviewed a number of gang members in Caracas, who really showed little remorse for having killed so many people.

So think very carefully before you contemplate visiting Venezuela (or one of the neighboring countries like Colombia).

If you’re interested in finding an exotic Latin American bride then you’ve got a huge choice of countries to visit.

Last night I watched a TV show about Venezuela, so that got me thinking – is Venezuela a good place to find a Latin bride?

Shootings are routine in Latin America, whereas they’re pretty rare in SE Asia, especially outside of the Philippines.

In fact, when an armed bank robber in China was caught, it didn’t only make national headlines in China, but I even heard about it on Sky News in the UK.

Sure, this goes on in just about every prison in the world, but in Venezuela it was all out in the open.

The prisoners had even set up little table stalls to show which drugs they had on offer!

But violent crime is pretty rare, especially against foreigners.

I’ve visited some of the poorest parts of cities like Guangzhou and Wuhan, but I would never dare visit the poorest parts of Venezuelan or Colombian cities!

Of course there are some very beautiful women in Venezuela.

Make no mistake, Venezuela is a risky place to visit.

What was so alarming was the fact that the criminals in the prisons were even armed!

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Quiero una mujer que entienda los límites como amigos amigos.

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