Classical music online dating dating websites young girls

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Classical music online dating

Next time you meet someone online or through a dating app, instead of pregaming with Top 40, try Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart.

Classical Music Lover Dating is an online dating and friend finder service for those who love to listen to classical music.

We have many people looking for a partner who love classical music, so what are you waiting for?

Search for your partner below: You have found a fun, vibrant online dating community for single lovers of classical music!

Even Coldplay, with their cartoonish riffs, can comfort us — but pop music can't speak to the ambiguities of our emotions the way that classical music can.

Imagine this: you're on a dinner date, and throughout dinner, the person with whom you are on a date is complimenting you, asking you questions about your career, your background, your feelings regarding post-impressionist art — and seems genuinely interested in all you have to say as you both slowly take your time eating the asparagus.

The intense opening; the strings pulling the life away from the gleaming stars, forcing the listener to be captivated with the idea of gloom.

Folk & Country landed second place with 11.5% of the vote, with pop fans representing a close third for America's favorite genre at 11%.

As well as asking our respondents to reveal their favorite genres, we also wanted to gauge people’s attitudes towards live music and dating.

Additionally, 67% of American singles said it’s a prerequisite for a partner to be interested in music, with just over half stressing the importance of sharing a similar taste and one in three participants even suggested they’d be put off someone if their tastes weren’t in tune!

When it comes to genres, rock and roll hit the highest note with 26% of those surveyed saying it’s their go-to sound.

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And then the drums, those signals of defeat — but then, the stirrings of passion!

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